Important and Useful Information

All organisations/groups within the Parish need to contact Canon Nunan before organising any Parish events etc. taking place offsite. They also need to speak to Rosemary Smyth- Safeguarding Officer and David Rigby- Health and Safety Rep. Failure to do so will mean that the event is not covered by the Diocesan Insurance cover for the Parish.

Useful information!

Parish Meetings
Held twice per year, usually June and December. Chair: Davida Hamilton 07768 99124

Parish Newsletter
For items to go in the newsletter contact Jacinta Stott in the Parish Office on
@ or phone 01937 582283

Church Finance Committee
Bill Campbell, Bob Bentley, Michael Gannon, Jim Hill, Jackie Atkinson, Chris
Wotherspoon, Davida Hamilton.

Health & Safety
Church members, visitors, hirers of the hall, employees and volunteers all need to be kept safe, whilst
the Church carries out its worship, mission and ministry. 
For and health and safety questions please contact David Rigby on 01937 520745

Church Stewards, Welcome Team & Offertory Counters
Contact Jim Hill if wanting to help with counting 01423 358949 

Sacristan, Altar servers, Readers
Contact Alan Dinsdale on 01937 583709. Please contact if you would like to help.
Cleaners for church

Contact Parish Office on @ or phone
01937 582283

Coffee rota after Sunday Mass
Contact Sue Grafton 01937 583834

Eucharistic Ministery
Contact Alan Dinsdale on 01937 583709 or Canon Nunan if you would like to become a Minister.

Coeliacs and wheat intolerant parishioners who need gluten free hosts can contact
Jacqui Atkinson via the Parish Office.

Church Flowers
Contact Claire Slater 07895 658898

Choir and church music
Contact Mary the Parish Office

Children’s Liturgy & Youth Catechesis
Contact Gillian Flannery on 07734 194414

Parish Safeguarding 
Contact Rosemary Smyth on 01937 581122. Rosemary is in the process of updating Parish information regarding Safeguarding issues and is the person to contact to raise any safeguarding issues.

Parish Hall bookings
Justin Koome, can be contacted Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm on 07703 737765 
Justin ensures that the hall is equipped and ready for use by various groups.

Sacramental preparation
If you are not at St Joseph’s School, please contact Canon Nunan via the Parish Office at @ or phone 01937 582283

Stole fees for Masses, Funerals, Baptisms, Weddings. Please contact Canon Nunan.


Local Area


Mass Times

Mon: No Mass Today
Tue: 9.15am
Wed: 9.15am
Thu: 11am
Fri: 9.15am
Sat: 11am; 6pm Vigil
Sun: 10am