Katangi Update 2013

Our parish adopted Katangi in Eastern Kenya as its chosen charity in 1999, and after several years of helping develop schools, workshops, and churches we were asked to concentrate our main support on Aids orphans.
We started six years ago with just a handful of orphans and now have 77 in our care. These children are not put in orphanages but are placed with a near relative, usually an ageing grandmother, and we provide food, civilian clothing, school uniforms and school fees until the child completes High School around the age of 18. Currently we have 22 children in High School, 50 in Junior school and five infants. We expect these numbers to increase each year. Unfortunately we are unable to provide financial support to send any of our children to University.


One of the hardest things for people in our western world to understand is that people in Katangi really do live in mud huts with the walls made of sticks and mud and roofs of sticks and thatch as shown below.

Sunday Mass in the ‘Bush’


Crops in drought
Crops with water
Two orphan sisters opening some little treats we took them.

Ploughing in the hope of rain, see how parched the soil is.
We have plans to extend the Charity to raise separate funds for bigger community development schemes in the communities areas where our orphans live. Projects including water bore holes, dress making, agriculture and carpentry will give the children skills for the future and a better chance of making a living. One bore hole with diesel generator and pump can cost around £20,000.


Your very generous support over the years has dramatically changed these children’s lives and their prospects for the future. Every penny you raise goes to help the children. Last December, thanks to some very generous donations, we sent an extra £1000 (£13 per child) so the children could have something extra to eat at Christmas. That money bought flour and oil to make Chapati and cakes, meat, biscuits and fruit.
The children very much appreciate your kindness and always send their love, prayers and thanks.
If anyone wants more information on our work in Katangi please email me on @ or phone me on 01423358949. God Bless, and thank again for all your prayers and support.

Jim Hill.

Quote St James 2:14-18 “Take the case, my brothers, of someone who has never done a single good act but claims that he has faith. Will that faith save him? If one of the brothers or one of the sisters is in need of clothes and has not enough food to live on and one of you says to them , ‘I wish you well; keep yourself warm and eat plenty’, without giving them these bear necessities of life, then what good is that? Faith is like that; if good works do not go with it, it is quite dead. This is the way to talk to people of that kind: ‘You say you that have faith and I have good deeds; I will prove to you I have faith by showing you my good deeds—now you prove to me that you have faith without any good deeds to show.”


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